Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Essential Features of Your New Year Resolution

a. It should be interesting
b. It should not be too time consuming
c. It should be something which you had wanted to do for some time
d. It should be realistic
e. It should be achievable by you
f. It should be humanly possible
g. You should be willing to ask for assistance in order to achieve this goal
h. You should be willing to inform your family and friends about your New Year resolutions, if it involves them, so that they can support you in fulfilling your objective
i. You need to be enthusiastic about this resolution
j. You should be willing to set aside time in order to achieve this objective
k. You should be willing to accept defeat or failure in achieving this goal, yet to be able to learn from this experience
l. You need to reward yourself after the successful achievement of your resolution. Celebrate your accomplishment
m. Get inspiration and motivation in order to keep you focussed throughout the year.
n. Learn from your mistakes and make them learning experiences.
o. Assist others in accomplishing their goals and resolutions

Friday, December 25, 2009

Anglo-Indian Christmas Stories-FREE eBook!

I have just completed my ebook of Christmas Stories set in India.Get a FREE copy of the eBook, which will be FREE till the 31st of December 2009. I do hope that you enjoy reading the stories, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Amber Gift Store

I have just successfully opened a new Amazon Store. You are welcome to visit the store and find some exciting gifts with some great offers.

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A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry-Poster

A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry by Warren Brown


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This is a collection of seventy-five poems, written by Warren Brown, winner of the "Henry Louis Vivian Derozio", Anglo-Indian Poetry Award, on a variety of subjects, from Robin Hood, Britain's got Talent, Superheroes, to Ninjas and Shoguns, Elvis Presley, the Boxer and London Historica or The History of London. Discover the art of Poetry Therapy and also uncover the poems on success and positive living. This collection of poems is the perfect gift for anyone who wishes to discover the curative powers of poetry.


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Friday, September 25, 2009

London's Tube, The Faithful Piccadilly Line

62. THE PICCADILLY LINE by Warren Brown

Mind the Gap
Watch the line
Here comes the Train
On the Piccadilly Line.

Down the line to work
In the rush hour morning,
With all the doors shutting behind,
All the crowds rushing in
As the crowds tumble out
Onto the platforms
And into the trains.

Mind the Gap
Watch the Line
Here comes the Train
On the Piccadilly Line.

Through the icy cold and snow,
Through the seasons
Of wind and snow,
You see the faithful trains
Go fast and go sound
Into the London Underground.

Through the summer and the shine
Through all the stations
From Heathrow to Acton
From Hammersmith to Piccadilly
You see the faithful trains
Go fast and go sound
Into the London Underground.

But, then when the strikes begin,
There are no trains,
There are no people
To use the lines,
They clamber onto the Overland Trains
And experience all their travel pains.
The buses are packed with anxious souls
There is no more space, to match their goals.
But, they still struggle to get to work
There is no profit, there is no gain
All they experience is travel pain.
Mind the Gap
Watch the Line
Here comes the Train
On the Piccadilly Line.

From the book, "A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry"

Get Singed with the Fire of Happiness

by Warren Brown

Happiness fills your being
Like a fire which shines
From deep within your heart
From deep within your soul
And brings a smile to your face.

The poorest people
Have the brightest smiles,
On their scarred faces
And in their happy hearts.

The poorest people
Live through their difficulties,
Live through life’s problems,
With a smile on their face
And the fire of happiness
In their generous hearts.

Get singed by the fire,
Let the flames of happiness
Fill your heart today,
Let the flames of happiness
Fill your life today,
Let the flames of happiness
Fill your family today.

It is time for you
To get singed by the fires,
The fires of happiness
The fires of kindness
The fires of charity
The fires of peace
The fires of generosity
The fires of humility
The fires of service.
Get singed by the fires
Of your personal happiness today.

A Poem from the book, "A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry"

An Invitation to Life

5. AN INVITATION TO LIFE by Warren Brown

You are cordially Invited
To take charge of your life
To take charge of your destiny,
To take charge of your special moments
To take charge of your life energy.

You are receiving this Life Invitation,
On behalf of your Positive self
On behalf of your Ambitious self
On behalf of your full potential.

Kindly accept this Life Invitation,
On behalf of your Positive self
On behalf of your Ambitious self
On behalf of your full potential.

Celebrate your Life Invitation,
By growing more Positive every day
By growing more Ambitious every day.
By fulfilling your potential every day.

You are receiving this Invitation,
To make your life better
To make the lives of others better
To make your home a better place
To make our World a better place.

Your Response is requested
To the Invitation of Life.
Begin today,
Invite a Friend tomorrow, to Celebrate Life
Invite the People of the World tomorrow,
To make a positive Invitation,
And a worthwhile contribution to Life.

Read the book "A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry"

Feeding the Flames of Love and Romance

by Warren Brown

Every ember smoulders in the fire
Every flame enriches the fire
Every passion fuels the flame
Every minute feeds the fire.

Satisfy the flame in the fire
Satisfy the passions of the flames.

Fulfil the fires of your passion
Fulfil the fires of your romance
Fulfil the fires of your love.

Feed the fires of undying love
Feed the fires of the eternal passions
Feed the fires of smouldering love
Feed the flames of all engulfing passions.

Quench the thirst of your undying love
Quench the hunger of smouldering passions
Quench the fires of love and romance,
For now and always
Feed the fire of love and romance.

Read the book, "A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry"

List of my Poems from my New book


1. The Legend of the Robbing Hood
2. The Right Advice
3. The Poetics of Jealousy
4. Feeding the Flames of Love
5. An Invitation to Life
6. Get Singed with the Fires of Happiness
7. Shut the Door on Unhappiness
8. Walk Both Paths
9. Always Other People
10. The Screaming Solution
11. A Little Difference
12. An Average Life
13. The Magnetic Person
14. The Winged Messenger
15. Prefer Success
16. The Collective Mind
17. The Humour of Personality
18. Anger of the Apes
19. Spaces in the Mind
20. I Believe in Miracles
21. The Adventurer Always Moves Ahead
22. The United Family Poem
23. The Doomsday Myth
24. Experience the Flames of Happiness
25. Accommodation Needed
26. Face in the Tree
27. Your Mind
28. Life by Cell Phone
29. The Artist
30. Life of Tim
31. Our Lives in Tune
32. In This Life
33. Life Is A Circus
34. But….
35. Five Purses of Verses
36. God Bless the Stress
37. The Uncommon Crow
38. Rose Bouquet
39. Don’t Drive Drunk
40. Meditation On Temptation
41. Ten Clerihew For You
42. The Nature Hymn
43. Seed of Destiny
44. Alive With You O Lord!
45. History of the Secret Race: Anglo-Indians
46. God Makes the Rule
47. Anglo-Indian Limericks
48. A Vision of You
49. Lady of the Sea
50. Anglos of India: Will the Race Survive?
51. Guardian Angel Protect Madeliene
52. Eclipse of the Sun
53. Eclipsing the Moment
54. The Lion and the Eclipse
55. Eclipsing the Love
56. The Spaces in the Mind
57. The Superhero Menace
58. Power and Ambition
59. The Way of the Boxer
60. The Ninjas and the Shoguns
61. The Crime of Rhyme
62. The Piccadilly Line
63. The Chippie Shop
64. Ye Olde English Pub
65. The Glimmer of the Cinema
66. Britain’s Got Valiant Talent
67. Quantum of Wallace
68. The Chronicles of Morgana
69. The Easter Resurrection
70. Our Great Pontiff Enters Heaven
71. London Historica or The History of London
72. UFOs and Parallel Universe
73. Genghis Khan the Barbarian King
74. Elvis the King of Rock and Roll
75. The Millionaire Method

View my Book- A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry by Warren Brown

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Romantic Time Poetry on Amazon

My book of poems, "A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry" is now available on the Amazon website.

The collection contains seventy-five poems on a diversity of subjects, from Robin Hood and Elvis Presley to Ninjas and Shoguns and the History of London.

"A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry on Amazon"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SEO Copywriting Essentials

1. Create an appropriate Theme related to the Niche of your website.
2. Keyword Research related to your site is vital.
3. Create useful content related to your Niche site.
4. Title Tags are useful for your web articles.
5. Placement of Keywords should be done carefully for maximum exposure.
6. Keywords need to be strategically placed in your content.
7. Synonyms of Keywords should be used.
8. Meta Tags need to be entered onto the site and within the content.
9. Images should be used instead of text.
10. Originality of content is extremely essential.
11. The Whole Site needs to be Optimized for best results.
12. Link your site to other related Niche sites.
13. Maintain a proper Word Count for your articles.
14. Keywords should be used at appropriate sections in your content.
15. An Effective Landing Page needs to be planned, created and developed.
16. Statistics related to your site, like web visitors and Tags need to be studied and analysed.
17. Create Back-links to your Content, which link to other related content on other locations or to other websites and blogs.

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The Art of Copywriting

How to earn money on the Web

How to earn money on the Web
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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mum's First Death Anniversary

My Mum, Joan Brown passed away one year ago on the 10th of August 2008. We miss her very much and there will always be an empty space in our lives.

Thursday, August 06, 2009






In sixteen hundred
British merchants came.
Soldiers followed for
adventure and fame.
The traders now set up
four colonies
To implement the trade
Charter policies.
When Britons took
native girls for their brides
All the girls parents
would cast them aside.
The outcast lady's issue
would now be
An Anglo-Indian in History.
In the past our Heroes were
Sir Gidney and James Kyd.
Now,they are Norman Hutchinson
and Peter Sarsted.
The next generation
steps in with their sole mission,
To fulfill,the Anglo-Indian Vision.







Every race on the planet takes pride in its Heroes and its
Legends. From Genghis Khan, Aurangzeb, Shivaji to Oliver Cromwell,
human civilization has brought forth its heroes, during times of
fear and oppression, for people to follow, aspire to and emulate. The
Anglo-Indian community also has its share of courageous soldiers
and adventurers who fought in several wars down the ages.
In 1916 at least 8,000 Anglo-Indians had joined various British
units, a large number were enlisted in the Dorset Regiment. The
Cavalry and the Royal Artillery attracted the Anglo-Indians more
than the Infantry. However, their records of identity and gallantry were lost to the community.

On the 15th March 1916, the authorities sanctioned the raising
of an Anglo-Indian force as an integral part of the British army.
The Anglo-Indian legend, James Skinner who was also referred
to as Sikander Sahib, was born in 1775. His mother was a Rajput
and his father a Scotsman. He and his "yellow boys", were freelance
soldiers and fought for a number of Rajahs. During battle they would
wear yellow shawls , hence the origin of their nickname. Skinners
irregular cavalry,called "Skinners' Horse", turned out to be one
of the finest regiments of the British and later the Indian Army.
He was decorated with the "Knight of the Order of the Bath". James
Skinner died at the age of 64 in 1841.In 1978 the Indian Government
issued a postage stamp to celebrate 175 years of the Skinners' Horse Regiment.

During the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, essential services like the
Post and Telegraphs, the Railways and Customs were manned by Anglo-Indians.
The Gardner's Horse, founded by Colonel William Linnaeus Gardner
is one of India's proud regiments today. William Gardner was gazetted
as an Ensign in the 18th Foot on the 7th March, 1793. He was the
eldest son of Major Valentine Gardner who was the elder brother
of Alan, First Lord Gardner . William was a skilled rider and swordsman.
He was held in very high esteem by both Indians and Europeans. In
1804 it appears that Gardner was in the service of the Raja of Jaipur. He
later joined the British and started the Cavalry Corps, known as
the "Gardner's Horse". He is described as a gentleman and a soldier. Gardner
died at his estate at Khasgunj, at the age of 65, on the 20th July
1835. His wife died of a broken heart six months later. His wife
was a princess and he had two sons and a daughter from her.

Colonel Henry Forster , was the son of Henry Pitts Forster
of the East India Company's Civil Service who came out to India
in1783.Henry Pitts Forster was later made the Master of the Calcutta
Mint.Henry Forster was born in 1793, and being of mixed descent
he was disqualified from obtaining service in the Company.Finally
he joined the Mahratta Army, and in 1816 he was appointed Adjutant
of the second regiment of Skinner's Horse. During the outbreak of
the Mutiny, Forster was detailed to reduce the mutinous 34th N.I.
and Ramghur Infantry in Singhboom,Manbhoom and Chaisbasa. Having
accomplished this Forster was ordered to perform a similar task
at Sumbulpore.On his arrival , he was appointed Commissioner. Colonel
Forster died at his residence in Calcutta, at Ballygunge, after
a prolonged attack of fever, in 1862. Colonel Forster first married
Miss Kellner who was murdered at Delhi, during the Mutiny. His second wife was an Indian lady.

Major Hyder Young Hearsey, was the son of a Jat lady by
Captain Henry Hearsey. By coincidence he was given the name of Hyder,
who was one of England's greatest enemies, Hyder Ali of Mysore.It
is believed that his second name was "Jung", which means war, and
it was later anglicised to Young. Hyder Hearsey was educated at
Woolich. Due to the enforcement of the ban against the admission
of Anglo-Indians into the Company's Army, he would have been denied
Commission, but for the influence of his cousin Colonel Andrew Hearsey,
Commandant of the Allahabad Fort. His first appointment was as aide-de-camp
to the Nawab Wazir at Benares: he soon effected an exchange into
the Mahratta service under Madhoji Scindia.In 1804 , Hyder Hearsey joined Lord Lake.
In the short War of 1971, several Anglo-Indian Airmen won Gallantry
Awards.Air Marshal Maurice Barker,AVSM,Air Vice-Marshal J.F.Lazaro
PVSM, J.J.Bouche AVSM and A.L.Michael AVSM, Air Commodores Peter
Motiland Wilson PVSM Mahavir Chakra, M.D.Wollan PVSM, Vernon Loyd
PVSM, Group Captain Cecil Parker VM won the Mahavir Chakra for outstanding
Gallantry and Vir Chakras were won by Group Captain Betry Weir,
AVSM, Wing Commanders D.M.Conquest AVSM, Allen Alley and Squadron
Leader D.Lazaro were awarded VMs and mentions in Despatches.
Lt.General Pat Dunn was awarded the Padma Bhushan, for his
exceptional valour in the defence of his country, he took an active
role in the Indo-Pakistan War in 1965.

Flight Lt.Bernard Owen Egan-Walker, was only 24 years old,
when he was shot down in a bombing raid over Germany on the night of December 6th,1944.

Air Marshall Denzil Keelor was commissioned in the I.A.F.
on November 6th 1954.His career covered 36 years in the I.A.F. He
has taken part in operations against Pakistan, in 1965 and 1971
and performed with distinctions. Denzil Keelor was awarded the Kirti
Chakra and the Vir Chakra by the President of India for Gallantry. Air
Marshal Denzil Keelor was born on the 7th December 1933. He is currently
working as Advisor(Aviation) and is in charge of Certification and
Inspection of Aircrew and Operational Surveillance, at the Directorate of Civil Aviation(DGCA).

The Battle of Kut, was another occasion when the courage of
the Anglo-Indian soldiers was brought to the fore-front.The battle
stated in 1915 and lasted for one year.An Anglo-Indian battalion
fought against the Turks in the River Tigris, near Kut, from 25th
December 1915.The Turks over ran the position and only a third of
the original force survived. Kut would have been captured on Christmas
Day had the Anglo-Indian Battalion not stood their ground, according to General Townshend.

Helen Rodriguez an Anglo-Indian girl from Bangalore won the
George Medal Award for her courage and outstanding devotion to duty
in the face of Japanese bombers at Taunggyi ,Civil Hospital.Helen
was Matron, stretcer-bearer and performed many operations.She was
captured by the Chinese and then by the Japanese who thought she
was a spy.Helen was bayoneted by a drunken Japanese soldier, but
she survived all her ordeals at the P.O.W. camps.

85% of the women of the Women's Auxiliary Corps.of India
were Anglo-Indians.Apart from Nursing they also served in the Army
and Navy Stores across the country.

Flight Lt.Warneford(1892-1950) of Bangalore was the first
man to shoot down the first Zeppelin in France.He won the Victoria Cross and the Croix de Guerre.

After the second World War sixteen Victoria Crosses were
bestowed on Anglo-Indians and ninety-seven Military Crosses were
awarded for acts of heroism during the War.

Anglo-Indian History is not short of War Heroes and heroic
deeds,with moments of defeat, valour and victory. Someone, somewhere
should create A Virtual Anglo-Indian Cemetery in Cyberspace and
on the Monument of the fallen Anglo-Indian soldier the following
words of Thomas Arnold could be inscribed as an epitaph:
"Two things we ought to learn from History: one, that we
are not in ourselves superior to our fathers; another, that we are
shamefully and monstrously inferior to them, if we do not advance beyond them."

-T. Arnold
















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Squidoo on Ezine!

I have successfully completed my latest Publish Success Ezine, with a special focus on a few of my Squidoo websites. You are welcome to visit and I look forward to receiving your valuable feedback on this endeavour. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

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Creative Writing

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my site. I have completed my latest issue of Publish Success on “Creative Writing”.


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Fap Turbo... Ultimate Forex Robot? - Forex Forum

Fap Turbo... Ultimate Forex Robot? - Forex Forum

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Fap Turbo Daily Performance Review

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