Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Photos to make Memories!

We are not all avid photographers. There is usually one person in a family, who loves to keep clicking at all events and functions of the family. Ultimately, it is that person who collects a storehouse of photographs. It is this person to whom all members of the family turn to,for old photos and prints.
These enthusiastic family photographers are the Keepers of Photo-Memories.
My Dad is such a Keeper of Photo-Memories.
Encourage the photographers in your family today.

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Remember your Dad!

This Father's Day, make it a special day for your Dad. Give your Father a special gift for this important day.
We are like our Dad's, though sons really do not always want to accept this, but, we all inherit the genes of our fathers, with the strengths and weaknesses.When we learn to accept ourselves, we then realize that we are very much like our fathers. We one day look in the mirror and we see our Dad's looking back at us. Yes, we are all made in the image of our fathers.
Happy Father's Day, to all the Dad's around the world.

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